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SWEP named among top vendors at the 2017 CHPA Annual Conference

SWEP attended the China Heat Pump Alliance (CHPA) Annual Conference, whose topic was Aerothermal Energy. The 6th Asian Air-Source Heat Pump forum was also held at the conference.  The emerging air-source heat pump (ASHP) heating market was covered, including the ongoing coal-to-clean-energy project in North China.  

CHPA’s General Secretary, Mr. Song Kuizhong, took the role of MC for the event, which was held in August 2017.  Reflecting the emergence of the ASHP heating market, the first speech was presented by Mr. Zhang Yousheng, the government officer of the Energy Research Institute National Development and Reform Commission.  He explored current issues around the current coal-to-clean-energy project in North China, and suggested solutions such as:

1. Installing a buffer tank on site
2. Using an inverter heat pump for heating facilities
3. As more and more air-conditioning companies join the rush into the heat pump industry in China, the standard for entry should be raised to ensure only quality suppliers are accepted

There were many insights from Chinese institutions, associations and major market players working with heat pumps. Other speakers included Dr. Monica Axell of the International Energy Agency; the Secretary General of the Japan Heat Pump and Heat Storage Center; Dr. Marek Miara, head of Germany’s ISE Research Institute; and Mr. Xie Jianxin, President of the Taiwan Heat Pump Association.

During this annual conference, the CHPA named SWEP as one of the Top 10 Vendors in the heat pump market.  We are looking forward to our continuing involvement and cooperation with the CHPA and the emerging Chinese ASHP market.

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