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Efficient production of renewable energy with eco-friendly refrigerants using AsyMatrix® technology

We all know that we are facing enormous challenges when it comes to global warming. While we are aware of the necessity of acting fast to lower our global carbon footprint and minimize the damage to the ozone layer, the fact is that in our society environmental concerns are constantly weighed against financial demands. 

So how can we create solutions that are both sustainable and financially sound? With renewable energy, climate-friendly technologies and eco-friendly refrigerants, we can solve many of today’s issues, among them refrigeration. The use of new green refrigerants reduces carbon emissions while providing substantial energy cost savings to the end user. Green, or natural, refrigerants are substances that are viable, environmentally sustainable and natural substitute refrigerants. Used in refrigeration systems, including refrigerators, HVAC and air conditioning, they are alternatives to harmful refrigerants based on hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and chlorofluorocarbon (CFC).

SWEP, a market-leading supplier dedicated to the development of renewable energy solutions, offers a new AsyMatrix® product range of brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs). The range which consists of condenser units B5AS, B8LAS and B26 is suitable for both retail markets and supermarkets and is a popular choice for plug-in professional refrigeration equipment. Compatible with natural flammable refrigerants such as R290 or R600, the units can be positioned both horizontally and vertically in refrigeration equipment and provide improved heat transfer due to advanced AsyMatrix® technology which minimalizes the wasted wall surface to maximize heat transfer. A decreased hold-up refrigerant volume and decreased temperature approach also lead to energy cost savings.

To learn more and to see SWEPs new product range, you are welcome to visit SWEP at Green Power, the International Renewable Energy Fair in Poznan, Poland, May 23-25, Pavilion 7, Booth 11.

As well presenting its AsyMatrix® range for eco-friendly refrigerants, SWEP will present as its new high-performance product range for heat pumps also using the patented AsyMatrix® technology.

With brazed plate heat exchanger technology, we create more sustainable solutions where we take the next step toward a more environmentally-friendly society.

Contact for additional information:
Igor Durcansky
Regional Sales Manager
Mobile: +421 911 157 718
E-mail: igor.durcansky@swep.net