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SWEP's new B86 offers optimized solutions for multiple applications

SWEP’s new B86 is the perfect choice for high efficient tap water heating and premium condenser applications and offers an optimized heat transfer and reduced hold up volume.

   The new B86 offers an optimized solution in various types of applications. For example, in future-proof water stations, systems are increasingly moving towards low supply and return temperatures, where the B86’s extended thermal length is ideal. This new brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) model can also perform as a higher efficiency condenser in ground source heat pumps (GSHP’s).

SWEP’s vast experience in residential heating covers both comfort and tap water heating. Typical applications for our BPHEs are gas boilers, heat pumps, and solar heating, along with other decentralized heating technologies such as micro-combined heat and power systems and absorption heat pumps.

Please click here to read more and download the product sheet for the B86 model.