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SWEP is expanding in the Middle East

Brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHEs) are quickly winning ground in district cooling, thanks to space-saving compactness, high efficiency and low maintenance. With over a million installations around the world, SWEP has built up extensive application expertise, the highest capacity range on the market, and a unique offer for district cooling networks. To meet the increasing demand in the Middle East and better serve local customers, SWEP is now establishing an office in Dubai.

High capacities to match high demands

“We are experiencing growing interest in our BPHE as more and more people discover the advantages,” says Carlo Demalde, Regional Manager Middle East at SWEP. “With the widest capacity range on the market, we are successfully replacing other technologies for larger installations, too. Our technology is well-proven with over a million SWEP BPHEs operating in district cooling networks around the world.”

Energy-efficiency for sustainable cities

“Our new office in Dubai will enable us to meet the increasing demand for BPHEs and to better serve our existing customers,” says Feras Shoumal, Business Development Manager Middle East at SWEP. “It also allows us to support the region’s initiatives to create sustainable cities. For example, the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy is promoting district cooling as a way to reduce energy consumption. We have the expertise and the solutions, based on BPHEs that offer the most energy-efficient way to transfer heat.”

Half the weight and footprint

BPHEs have a significantly more compact design than gasket plate heat exchangers. Even SWEP’s largest model, the B649, is half the weight and footprint of competing technologies, saving space and simplifying installation. The brazed construction has no gaskets or loose parts, which improves reliability and minimizes maintenance costs. A modular concept for serial/parallel connection offers great flexibility in system design and more efficient use of space, as well as easy capacity extension when demand increases.

For more information about SWEP products please contact:

Carlo Demalde, Regional Manager Middle East at SWEP, at +39 039 688 2006, carlo.demalde@swep.net, or visit us at www.swep.net.

About SWEP

SWEP is one of the world's leading suppliers of compact brazed plate heat exchangers. These products are used where heat needs to be transferred efficiently in air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, and industrial applications. SWEP has approx. 850 employees and representation in more than 50 countries, and its own dedicated sales force in more than 20 countries. Production units are situated in Sweden, Switzerland, the USA, Malaysia, Slovakia, and China. SWEP is part of the global NYSE-traded Dover Corporation.

About brazed plate heat exchangers

A brazed plate heat exchanger consists of corrugated plates, combined to create complex channels through which a hot medium and a cold medium can be distributed. The media flow in separate circuits but come into close proximity, allowing heat to be transferred from one to the other with very high efficiency. The number, type, and configuration of the cover plates can be varied to achieve the required thermal properties.

Brazed plate heat exchangers offer efficiency, space-saving compactness and low maintenance. The SWEP B649 provides high capacity to match the demand also of larger installations.

Photo: SWEP


A modular concept for serial/parallel connection offers great flexibility in system design, efficient use of space, and easy capacity extension.

Ilustration: SWEP

Easy installation is one of the advantages with SWEP BPHEs. The photo shows the installation of the largest model B649.

Photo: SWEP